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Selected case studies illustrate how the Green Chemistry approach can be applied in different companies and how it contributes to reduce the consumption of hazardous chemicals and enhance their economic and environmental performance

Ionic liquids as potential green solvents for purification of manufacturing waste-water

Chemical: Ionic liquids as a green solvent
Chemicals replaced: Conventional toxic organic solvents
Process: Purification of manufacturing waste-water
Country: Serbia

Change in the formulation of solvents derived from petroleum for d-limonene considered green solvent in several polikem products

Chemical: D – limonene as a green solvent
Chemicals replaced: Petroleum-derived solvents
Process: Cleaning/degreasing of brakes, motors, and other metal parts
Country: Colombia

Production of ethylene from bio-ethanol

Chemical: Bio-Ethanol – organic waste as a green raw material
Chemicals replaced: Natural gas or petroleum products
Process: Utilization of waste / production of chemical product (ethylene)
Country: Egypt

Water-base application for wood coating

Chemical: Water based coatings
Chemicals replaced: Solvent-based coatings
Process: Wood coating
Country: Sri Lanka

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