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The training part of the toolkit has presentations, exercises and additional readings. The users should follow the presentations and put into practice what is learned in the exercises. The additional readings will strengthen and expand the concepts learned in the main presentations.

“The Essential Green Chemistry Training”: this 1-day training has two sessions: one on the fundamentals of Green Chemistry and the other one in the area of research and innovations of Green Chemistry. The training has a QUIZ that will help the user determine how well the knowledge was absorbed.

“Expert training on Green Chemistry”: this 4-day training has four long sessions that include the definition of sustainability, the role of chemicals in the society, economy and environment, the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry, the benefits of Green Chemistry in the society, economy and environment, the different approaches to chemical design, advantages and disadvantages of various process feedstocks, the transformational role of catalysis on industry, the impacts of solvent usage and Green Chemistry alternatives, the role of Green Chemistry in innovation, and successful case studies or examples of green chemistry in industry and small businesses.