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    Here one can find a worldwide snapshot of Green Chemistry and green engineering technologies (available only in English) across a broad range of sectors and industries that include innovations to date that are currently commercially available or are in the process of becoming commercially available.

    This tool allows companies, government agencies, non-government agencies, and academia to seek for Green Chemistry and green engineering solutions that are relevant to current projects or concerns in the area.

    It is meant to be a compendium of Green Chemistry and green engineering technologies divided by sectors. Each entry includes the name of a technology and a short description of its applications.

    The entry then lists the human health and environmental benefits of the technology, which explains how it is advantageous to the processes and technologies that are currently commonly used.

    References are included with links, providing further information about the technologies and potential contact information for companies and agencies to pursue further information and potentially incorporate the technologies into their products and practices.

    Green Chemistry toolkit

    Green Chemistry Toolkit